Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lot of fun at GUADEC!

Last week was the GUADEC week!
It has been a great experience and it has been wonderful to meet a lot of Gnome developers, contributors and enthusiasts!

Here you are my summary of the week:


  • Strasbourg is a wonderful city
  • Keynotes, talks and AGM
  • Lightning talks
  • Maps BoF and nights reviewing code
  • Volunteering for helping organizers
  • Coffee breaks
  • The lunch at the canteen during core days
  • Orangerie park and Bartholdi restaurant
  • and most of all... Gnome people!


  • Strasbourg is an expensive city
  • At pre-registration party that were not a lot of drinks and food
  • Nobody was at the FEC before pre-registration party
  • The info-desk was not in the hall
  • No lunch provided during BoF
A really happy person at GUADEC '14 :) Thanks a lot to Gnome Foundation for having
sponsored the really happy person! :)


  1. Nice post Dario! Glad to hear you liked GUADEC. Being a nitpicker, I'm forced by habbit: Launch -> lunch. :)