Sunday, 7 September 2014

Final report: via points support landed in Gnome Maps!

This is my final report for Google Summer of Code 2014. I'm a bit on late but, since in the last weeks I was in a hard review state, I decided to write the wrap up post just when my changes to Gnome Maps were committed.

By the way, finishing GSOC does not mean that my contribution finished, indeed I'm planning to continue contributing on this project as I have free time.

Results achieved

Gnome Maps finally supports via points. All my code was committed to the master branch and considering that we've got a code freeze exception, I'm really happy to announce that it will be in Gnome 3.14!

Finally via points!

Turn point marker bubble appears on instruction selection
In details:
  • It's possible to add and remove via points. All the points that compose the query have a marker, that can be drag.
  • On instruction selection, a turn point is showed on the map and a bubble with the instruction appears.
  • There are information about the estimated time to reach the final destination and the distance of the routing, moreover every instruction has info about its length.
  • There are new icons for destinations (thanks to Andreas Nilsson).
  • A spinner is showed on route loading (thank to Jonas Danielsson).
The main thing I dropped has been via points reordering. The GTK drag and drop library is not simple as it seems, so I planned to add this feature in the next release.


I really would like to thank you all the Gnome Maps team, in details:
  • Mattias Bengtsson for mentoring me
  • Jonas Danielsson, Dami├án Nohales and Zeeshan Ali for reviewing my code
  • Andreas Nilsson for design, mockup and graphics
By the way, I could never forget the nights spent coding during GUADEC with Rishi Raj Singh and Mattias.


  1. Thanks for your work!!
    I have a question: Is there a possibility to refresh the cashed map tiles?

  2. You are more than welcome! Thanks for the hard work and don't be a stranger now :)